About Us

The Trendsetters


Mebaz is a result of close to four decades' concern for pure beauty and fashion. An unerring eye for the exquisite, and a keen attention to detail manifest themselves in the creative assimilation at Mebaz. In an endeavour to offer only the best, meticulous attention is paid to enduring fabrics and styles.

Qualified designers, fashion consultants, hostesses–an expert, experienced team of professionals ensure that the Mebaz’s tradition of excellence is carried on uninterrupted. Value-for-money being the key operational word, the colourful wares on its shelves has the most competitive price tags attached to them.

Mebaz is the brainchild of Mr. Devanand P. Jethwani. From a small store in 1971, to 8 big stores in 2011, he has travelled a long but chic way into people's hearts. A discernment that comes from long years of dedication to detail and an instinctive appreciation of elegance has made him one of the foremost dealers of fashion wear.

Mr. Devanand is today assisted by his sons Sagar and Manoj to who he has bequeathed the legacy of fashion. An almost intuitive recognition of fashion trends, and years of real time, first hand experience has given them a head start in the field.


The Meena Bazaar Group a legacy of aestheticism

When Meena Bazaar put up its signboard over four decades ago, India awakened to a new dawn of fashion. Clothes for men and women took on new silhouettes, new colours, new fabrics, and naturally, new patrons. Meena Bazaar's love affair with fashion endured as much as it intensified. From menswear to womens wear, from ethnic chic to western sensibilities, the association with glamour only deepened with the years. The expanding horizon very soon encompassed jewellery and hi-fashion accessories. Branches, franchisees and exclusive outlets in lifestyle stores reemphasised the pervasiveness of Meena Bazaar on the fashionscape of the country.