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Designer Waistcoat for Men


Designer Waistcoat for Men:

At Mebaz, we have a classy and a very masculine mens designer waistcoat online collection. The stack of Designer waistcoat we have for men are of high standard. Waistcoats brings emphasis on the chest area, and with the right men’s waistcoat you can look well-formed. Waistcoat used to be more of an ethnic wear in the past, now it is also a formal wear.

Waistcoats make men look fashionable and sharp. This look helps you to leave a lasting impression in any get together. It makes a guy look well-formed, and look stately. In an event when one is supposed to look fashionable, men’s waistcoats are the first best option. They are more open and comfortable compared to full suits.

Designer waistcoats for men make them look more attractive and stunning. It adds a bit of grandness to a plain simple kurta. Waistcoats are in style since a couple of years and its here to stay. It can be worn with just basic trouser and shirt. Waistcoats are no longer worn on seasonal basis, be it winter or summer waistcoats are worn irrespective.

When wearing waistcoats always keep it balance with your whole attire. If your waistcoat is too grand and has a lot of work done in it, match it up with a simple long kurta and a pyjama. This will give a focus to your waistcoat. You can even wear this dress with a simple single colour t-shirt. Match designer waistcoat with your formal suit, and you will end up looking stunning. It can be matched with both ethnic and modern wear.


The fit of a men’s waistcoat is very important, it should fit perfectly on to your kurta or shirt. If it is too tight or loose it will ruin the whole look of the outfit. We offer designer waistcoat for men of all sizes, so that it fits you perfectly. There are different types of fit in a waistcoat, they can be regular fit, relaxed fit, slim fit, ultra slim fit etc. You can search men designer waistcoat online at Mebaz and check for your size.

Design and Pattern:

We offer waistcoats of various designs and pattern some are one solid colour, checks, colour block, plain, printed, striped etc. All of the waistcoats at Mebaz are created by our skilled in-house designers. Have a look at the detailed and complex works done on these dress, and you will notice the craftsmanship of our designers.

Waistcoat Price:

At Mebaz, we offer affordable designer waistcoat for men. Knowing that most men don’t splurge a lot with shopping, we offer these waistcoat at a very reasonable rate. They are ideal for all wear, you can mix and match it with whatever you may seem fit. Almost all of the men’s waistcoats we offer can be mix matched with a lot of outfits.


When you have a formal event or a ceremony coming up, and have no time to shop waistcoats. And then you manage and plan to go shopping and don’t find the right size or the right colour or the right design for yourself. This would ruin your mood to go for the event. Online shopping for waistcoats at Mebaz, assures you on the availability of products.


Men’s Waistcoats can be used to bring in colour to your whole attire. If you are wearing a simple one coloured kurta dhoti and matching it with a dark bright colourful waistcoat, this will make your overall outfit impressive. Wearing a single or multi coloured waistcoat along with a t-shirt makes it ideal for any occasion. We ask you to get frisky with colours and mix match with our designer waistcoat.

Neck and Front Opening:

There are different types of designer waistcoats, and our designers are trying to bring in different types of trends in the market with our waistcoats. Men’s waistcoat are single breasted and double breasted. When it comes to the neck of waistcoats they are usually V shaped or U shaped. Matching a tie to these waistcoats is up to you. Usually any tie goes with a U shaped waistcoats and a thin sleek tie goes with a V shaped waistcoat.


Waistcoats for men come in different styles, both western and Indian. Although in the westerns countries waistcoats are usually paired up with a full formal suit. We here have spiced it up and used men’s waistcoats to pair it with long kurta & pyjama or kurta & dhoti etc. They have also been in trend as formal wear. Whatever be the occasion, and however you want dress yourself we have a waistcoat for you. Men’s waistcoats is a clothing you can wear during parties, casual meets, festive occasions, formal events and weddings.


Men’s designer Waistcoat requires very little maintenance, it all depends on the fabric of the waistcoat. It is made by silk needs a little keep up. You must make sure that they shouldn’t be any sharp folds in the materials and this will give a more crumpled look which doesn’t look good on silk. Other materials like cotton, cotton blend, corduroy, linen, denim just requires basic cleaning and ironing. There are mixed fabrics that require more attention, these fabrics need to be taken care of and see to it that there is no dirt around it. These materials are suede, woollen, polyester, velvet etc. Dry cleaning is the best way to maintain the fresh look of a designer waistcoats.